R – Windows azure deployment question, deploying just the new / updated content


I have an ASP.NET application that is deployed in Windows Azure. The application has a lot of images and static content, due to which the package file is big in size. If just add a new aspx page, is there a way that i can just deploy the new aspx page or i do need to package & deploy the whole content again?

Best Solution

If you are only considering what is provided by default by Windows Azure, then the answer is no: to add a single ASPX page you have to redeploy the entire Azure package.

Then, if you are willing to consider more complex schemes, then, yes, it is possible. Basically, you need some bootstrap logic within your WebRole that retrieves files from the cloud storage and pastes them into a local file directory within the Web Role.

By doing so, the usual IIS7 behavior happens, and newly added ASPX files become visible in your webapp.

Somehow, we did end-up implementing a similar pattern for Worker Roles (not Web Roles) within Lokad.Cloud. You could probably get inspiration from this project to setup the scheme that I am suggesting here.

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