R – Windows CE 6 Wordpad replacement


I'm developing a Win CE 6 OS image and want to make it fit in the "Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Core Run-Time License".

This means, among other things, that I have to remove the Wordpad application.
From a product service and development perspective I'd like to replace it with something similar but free.

One thought was to do a simple editor in C#/CF.Net but I'd rather like to find something which can be plugged in and works, preferable free or at least cheaper than the 15$ per unit a bumped up license would cost.

Is there any suitably licensed text editors out there which are available for Win CE 6?

I don't need a rich text editor just a simple text editor to edit xml and text configuration files. The editor must be able to handle utf-8/unicode.

Best Solution

cke is quite good and I'm sure you can make some kind of a deal with it's author. CEdit is another good one.

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