R – Windows XP support for Remote NDIS


I'm looking at developing a device which will need to support Ethernet over USB (hosted in Linux, XP, and Vista). As I understand it, Vista and Linux support the industry standard USB CDC. However, in classic Windows style, XP only supports it's own Remote NDIS. So, now I'm thinking of just bowing down and doing it over RNDIS, as opposed to rolling my own CDC driver for XP.

I've been reading some older documentation that says even XP is pretty buggy with NDIS (suprise!). Does anyone have experience with XP's RNDIS drivers? Are they safe for product development? Any insight would be much appreciated.

Best Solution

We use RNDIS at work. and I've found that it blue screens my machine every now and again (about every month or two). However others (at my work) have not had this happen, so it could just be the particular device that I use.

I think it is stable enough for development, so give it a go.