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Typically the hotkey letters on a MenuStrip are underlined. (&File, &Open, etc) On a project I'm working on the underline shows up in the designer, but not at run time. I can't find the property that controls this. Anyone out there know?

Best Solution

You can force the user to see the underline by creating a custom ToolStrip renderer. It took me quite a while to figure out how to bypass Chris's answer. Here is the renderer I created:

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;

namespace YourNameSpace
    class CustomMenuStripRenderer : ToolStripProfessionalRenderer
        public CustomMenuStripRenderer() : base() { }
        public CustomMenuStripRenderer(ProfessionalColorTable table) : base(table) { }

        protected override void OnRenderItemText(ToolStripItemTextRenderEventArgs e)
            e.TextFormat &= ~TextFormatFlags.HidePrefix;

And then in the Form with the MenuStrip, in the constructor you set the renderer:

public YourFormConstructor()
    menuStripName.Renderer = new CustomMenuStripRenderer();

I would like to note that if you prefer a System style look of renderering you can extend the ToolStripSystemRenderer class instead of the Professional but I like being able to customize the color table. This is the fix that doesn't require the client to change his computer settings. Enjoy!

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