Working copy locked error in tortoise svn while committing


I'm using Tortoise SVN to update and commit changes to the repository in the server whenever I make changes to my working copy. But from a few days I'm not able to commit the changes and I get the following error whenever I try to commit.

Working copy 'C:\Program Files\EasyPHP\www\project\php' locked.
'C:\Program Files\EasyPHP\www\project' is already locked.

I've tried to unlock the folder by right clicking on it and selecting Tortoise SVN > Release lock, it says

There's nothing to unlock. No file has a lock in this working copy

What might be the problem?

Best Solution

No problem... try this:

  • Go to top level SVN folder.
  • Right click on folder (that has your svn files) > TortoiseSVN > CleanUp

This will surely solve your problem. I did this lots of time... :)

Note. Make sure "Break locks" option is selected in the Cleanup dialog.