Xcode Product -> Archive disabled


I have been archiving for ad hoc distribution fine for many months and suddenly today I cannot do so as the Archive menu item is disabled. I have not changed anything. I went through the provisioning setup for the project and it looks ok.

My Ad Hoc profile is about to expire in 14 days. Could this be the problem? I don't believe I can renew it until the day it expires. There is a a "renew" button for my ad hoc profile in the organizer but when I click it I get…

The given profile was not found on the provisioning portal.
Please refresh your provisioning profiles before attempting to renew “MyAddHocProfile”

The profile in the provisioning portal shows active, expiring on the 30th. I noticed that I had not yet upgraded to 4.6.2 and did so. Then I downloaded my profile and double cliked it thinking that would refresh the profile in Xcode, still no joy. I also tried manually replacing the profile file MyAddHocProfile.mobileprovision in the Library.

What do they mean "refresh your provisioning profile"?

Even so, I would think that as long as the profile is active, I should be able to create an archive. I must be doing something else wrong.

Best Solution

You've changed your scheme destination to a simulator instead of Generic iOS Device.

That's why it is greyed out.

Change from a simulator to Generic iOS Device