R – Your most persuasive arguments in favor of automating a process


How do you convince people (i.e. non-programmers) that automating a process is a GOOD thing?

The common argument against is something like "But you only have to do [X mindnumbing task]" and "it only takes [Y mindnumbing time], just do it and don't waste time trying to change things."

Any other programmers working in non-dev jobs where automation is useful but is shunned, misunderstood, feared, etc? How did you get around it? Do you argue with logic?

Me? I'm sort of working in secret, but that could bite me in the ASCII.

Best Solution

Stress the repeatability. Repeatability and consistency are the often overlooked but highly useful side effects of automation; when you're using automation, things get done in the same way each time, and that repeatability tends to be independent of user fatigue, boredom, etc.

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