Rabbitmq refusing to start


I have installed rabbitmq on ubuntu and trying to start it using rabbitmq-server start, however, I'm getting this error:

Activating RabbitMQ plugins ...

0 plugins activated:

node with name "rabbit" already running on "mybox"


- nodes and their ports on mybox: [{rabbit,38618},
- current node: rabbitmqprelaunch13346@mybox
- current node home dir: /var/lib/rabbitmq
- current node cookie hash: 8QRKGluOJOcZ4AAkEdFwQg==

so I try to stop it or restart it using service rabbitmq-server restart but I get the following error: Restarting rabbitmq-server: RabbitMQ is not running

The server's host name hostname -s is mybox.

How do I stop the currently running instance, or at least, how do I manage it? I have no access to it and yet I'm not able to run rabbitmq properly.

Thank you.

Best Solution

Rabbitmq is set to start automatically after it's installed. I don't think it is configured run with the service command.

To see the status of rabbitmq

sudo rabbitmqctl status

To stop the rabbitmq

sudo rabbitmqctl stop

(Try the status command again to see that it's stopped). To start it again, the recommended method is

sudo invoke-rc.d rabbitmq-server start

These all work with the vanilla ubuntu install using apt-get

Still not working?

If you've tried unsuccessfully to start or restart rabbitmq, check to see how many processes are running.

ps -ef | grep rabbit

There should be 5 processes running as the user rabbitmq. If you have more, particularly if they're running as other users (such as root, or your own user) you should stop these processes.

The cleanest way is probably to reboot your machine.