Reactjs – React – saving a component in the ref callback


So, extract from

The ref attribute can be a callback function instead of a name. This callback will be executed immediately after the component is mounted. The referenced component will be passed in as a parameter, and the callback function may use the component immediately, or save the reference for future use (or both).

It then only gives an example of using the component immediately. I'm trying to find out how i would use this function to access the component immediately, and save the component for future use, as it says we are able to do.

To continue their specific focus() and theInput example, how would i call focus() on the input element, and save it to the theInput key in refs?

Or put another way, how would i make the console.log in this fiddle return an object with a theInput key of the input element's component ref:

Best Solution

I do not really understand the chosen answer, and the fiddle just returns an empty object.

Further read from this doc at the ES6 usage, you will find:

render: function() {
  return <TextInput ref={(c) => this._input = c} />;
componentDidMount: function() {

So what you need to do is to assign that component to a var that you can hang on to, possibly to this like in the example, and later you can use this._input to control your component.