Rebol function and unlimited arguments


The do function in rebol seems to accept unlimited arguments. Can I do that with my own function (without using a block of arguments) ?

Best Solution

It is not possible to define a function with a variable number of arguments. The last message in this Rebol Mailing List thread has an explanation.

Also the do function takes a single argument:

>> ? do
    DO value /args arg /next 

     Evaluates a block, file, URL, function, word, or any other value.
     DO is a native value.

     value -- Normally a file name, URL, or block (Type: any)

     /args -- If value is a script, this will set its system/script/args
         arg -- Args passed to a script. Normally a string. (Type: any)
     /next -- Do next expression only.  Return block with result and new position.
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