Recovering a SVN Repository with out a dump file


I have an old repository that I have no dump file for. I do have the complete repository, though, and am hoping that I can get it running on a new system.

I tried reading Recover svn from directory backup after server failure which gives me hope, but doesn't seem to have worked for me. Whenever I point TortoiseSVN or svnadmin at the repository folder to examine it, it reports "No such revision 1" despite there being 130 revs in the db folder.

Any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated.


Best Solution

you can always create a dumpfile by using

svnadmin dump [PATH_TO_REPO] > newDump.dmp

However, I doubt you will succeed as the error message indicates that there is simply something wrong with your revisions.

Is there an file called "1" insinde the db/revs-dir?

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