Regex – how to use regular expression in web_reg_save_param in VUGen


I have a trouble in correlating a Link ID which is some value inside changes from link to link.
so I need to create a regular expression to handle all of the variable values in the page.

below are the lines of code I use :

    "LB/IC=categorysearchCats_lnkCat_16\" href=\"/category/Search.aspx\?s=&t=4&f=28&v=",

the number (16) is varies for each link… so I need to put a regular expression to ignore the number.
I tried put .* instead of 16 but it results in no data matched.

Best Solution

Try this regular expression:

categorysearchCats_lnkCat_[0-9]+\" href=\"/category/Search.aspx