Windows – Remove credentials from Git


I'm working with several repositories, but lately I was just working in our internal one and all was great.

Today I had to commit and push code into other one, but I'm having some troubles.

$ git push appharbor master
error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while accessing
fatal: HTTP request failed

There is nothing I can do, that would bring the password entry again.

How can I reset the credentials on my system so Git will ask me for the password of that repository?

I have tried:

  • git config --global --unset core.askpass

in order to unset the password

  • git config credential.helper 'cache --timeout=1'

in order to avoid credentials cache…

Nothing seems to work; does anyone have a better idea?

Best Solution

If this problem comes on a Windows machine, do the following.

  • Go to Credential Manager

    • in German, it is called: Anmeldeinformationsverwaltung
    • in French, it is called: Gestionnaire d'identification
    • in Polish, it is called: Menedżer poświadczeń
    • in Portuguese, it is called: Gerenciador de Credenciais
    • in Russian, it is called: Диспетчер учётных данных
    • in Spanish, it is called: Administrador de credenciales

    Go to Credential Manager

  • Go to Windows Credentials

  • Delete the entries under Generic Credentials

    Go to Windows Credentials and Delete the entries under Generic Credentials

  • Try connecting again. This time, it should prompt you for the correct username and password.