Remove search filter on Datatable


I have applied a button in my DataTable, which on click, filters the data table, to just show the clicked row.

table initialization is:

       var oDatatable = $("#tblDataTable").DataTable({
            dom: '<"top"CRTl><"clear">rt<"bottom"ip><"clear">',
            columns: [
                                   { data: 'Message' },
                { data: 'MessageId' },
                { data: null, "defaultContent": "<button id=\"tblRowData\">Click</button>"}

            "columnDefs": [
             { "visible": false, "targets": 0 }

and my click event is:

    $('#tblDataTable tbody').on('click', 'button', function (event) {
    var data = oDataTable.row($(this).parents('tr')).data();

This all work perfectly fine, but now I want to reset the filters, when any other action on the page is carried out. For instance, changing a datetime picker.

How can I check if the datatable has a seach filter applied, and remove it (i.e. resetting the table back, prior to the click event).

Best Solution

Maybe you are looking at something like this:
You could clear the search in a very simple way:

var table = $('#example').DataTable();
 .search( '' )
 .columns().search( '' )
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