Remove unnecessary svn:mergeinfo properties


When I merge stuff in my repository Subversion wants to add/change a lot of svn:mergeinfo properties to files that are totally unrelated to the things that I want to merge.

Questions about this behaviour have been asked before here on Stack Overflow:

From what I understand from the topics mentioned above it looks like a lot of files in my repository have explicit svn:mergeinfo properties on them, when they shouldn't. The advice is to reduce the amount and only put those properties on relevant files/folders.

So now my question: how can I easily remove those unneeded properties? I'm using TortoiseSVN, but I am reluctant to manually check/fix hundreds of files. Is there an easier way to remove those unnecessary svn:mergeinfo properties?

P.S. I'm not looking for C++ SVN API code.

Best Solution

Here is another way to delete all sub tree svn:mergeinfo properties but not at the root folder (this is needed for branching to work properly).

From the root of the project do:

svn propdel svn:mergeinfo -R
svn revert .
svn ci -m "Removed mergeinfo"
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