Regex – Removing newline character from a string in Perl


I have a string that is read from a text file, but in Ubuntu Linux, and I try to delete its newline character from the end.

I used all the ways. But for s/\n|\r/-/ (I look whether it finds any replaces any new line string) it replaces the string, but it still goes to the next line when I print it. Moreover, when I used chomp or chop, the string is completely deleted. I could not find any other solution. How can I fix this problem?

use strict;
use warnings;
use v5.12;
use utf8;
use encoding "utf-8";

open(MYINPUTFILE, "<:encoding(UTF-8)", "file.txt");

my @strings;
my @fileNames;
my @erroredFileNames;

my $delimiter;
my $extensions;
my $id;
my $surname;
my $name;

    my ($line) = $_;
    my ($line2) = $_;
    if ($line !~ /^(((\X|[^\W_ ])+)(.docx)(\n|\r))/g) {
        $line2 =~ s/^\n+//;
        print $line2 . " WRONG FORMAT!\n";
    else {
        #print "INSERTED:".$13."\n";
        my($id) = $13;
        my($name) = $2;
        print $name . "\t" . $id . "\n";
        unshift(@fileNames, $line2);
        unshift(@strings, $line2 =~ /[^\W_]+/g);

Best Solution

The correct way to remove Unicode linebreak graphemes, including CRLF pairs, is using the \R regex metacharacter, introduced in v5.10.

The use encoding pragma is strongly deprecated. You should either use the use open pragma, or use an encoding in the mode argument on 3-arg open, or use binmode.

 use v5.10;                     # minimal Perl version for \R support
 use utf8;                      # source is in UTF-8
 use warnings qw(FATAL utf8);   # encoding errors raise exceptions
 use open qw(:utf8 :std);       # default open mode, `backticks`, and std{in,out,err} are in UTF-8

 while (<>) {