ReportViewer Division by zero


I have some formulas in my reports, and to prevent divsion by zero I do like this in the expression field:

=IIF(Fields!F1.Value <> 0, Fields!F2.Value/Fields!F1.Value, 0)

This normally works fine, but when both F1 and F2 are zero, I get "#Error" in the report, and I get this warning: "The Value expression for the textbox ‘textbox196’ contains an error: Attempted to divide by zero."

Why is that?

Best Solution

There has to be a prettier way than this, but this should work:

=IIF(Fields!F1.Value <> 0, Fields!F2.Value / 
   IIF(Fields!F1.Value <> 0, Fields!F1.Value, 42), 0)
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