.net – Resolving classes without registering them using Castle Windsor


Take the following useless program:

class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
        IUnityContainer unityContainer = new UnityContainer();
        IWindsorContainer windsorContainer = new WindsorContainer();

        Program unityProgram = unityContainer.Resolve<Program>();
        Program castleProgram = windsorContainer.Resolve<Program>();

The UnityContainer will return me an instance of Program, where as the Windsor container will throw a ComponentNotFoundException.

I can see arguments for both behaviours and don't mind which I end up with, however Prism V2 Drop 8 (the latest at time of writing) relies on the Unity behaviour internally, requesting classes that haven't been registered.

Rather than find and register all these classes for Prism I'd much rather just make Windsor behave like Unity. I haven't found anything on google to help me do this (although my terminology may be wrong) and the Windsor documentation is quite bad…

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem?

Best Solution

Windsor currently does not support that, and it's by design. The reasoning is that you should explicitly register types you need so that you dont get misconfigured object.

There is however a possibility that there will be added a hook to create non-registered type at some point in the near future, as this is needed by the WCF integration facility. (Edit - it was added in v2.1 - take a look at ILazyComponentLoaders)

Anyway, regardless of lazy component loaders, the best you can do is to use fluent API to batch register all types from an assembly matching your needed criteria upfront. It's not much more code and you'll sleep better at nights.

Use lazy loaders only if you have really not enough information at startup (in your composition root) to determine what components you'll need.

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