Restart container within pod


I have a pod test-1495806908-xn5jn with 2 containers. I'd like to restart one of them called container-test. Is it possible to restart a single container within a pod and how? If not, how do I restart the pod?

The pod was created using a deployment.yaml with:

kubectl create -f deployment.yaml

Best Solution

Is it possible to restart a single container

Not through kubectl, although depending on the setup of your cluster you can "cheat" and docker kill the-sha-goes-here, which will cause kubelet to restart the "failed" container (assuming, of course, the restart policy for the Pod says that is what it should do)

how do I restart the pod

That depends on how the Pod was created, but based on the Pod name you provided, it appears to be under the oversight of a ReplicaSet, so you can just kubectl delete pod test-1495806908-xn5jn and kubernetes will create a new one in its place (the new Pod will have a different name, so do not expect kubectl get pods to return test-1495806908-xn5jn ever again)

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