Laravel – Rollback one specific migration in Laravel


I want

to rollback only :

Rolled back: 2015_05_15_195423_alter_table_web_directories

I run

php artisan migrate:rollback, 3 of my migration are rolling back.

Rolled back: 2015_05_15_195423_alter_table_web_directories
Rolled back: 2015_05_13_135240_create_web_directories_table
Rolled back: 2015_05_13_134411_create_contacts_table

I delete

both of my web_directories and my contacts table unintentionally. I never want that to happen, and if I can rollback only that specific one, this disaster will never happen.

Best Solution

Laravel 5.3+

Rollback one step. Natively.

php artisan migrate:rollback --step=1

And here's the manual page: docs.

Laravel 5.2 and before

No way to do without some hassle. For details, check Martin Bean's answer.

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