Ruby-on-rails – Best way to fill development db in rails


I need to fill the test development database with data, for example from factorygirl, but I'd like to use it from rails console.
How I put example data in db so I can fetch it from console and do some test there?

Best Solution

Faker is also a good solution.

Here's how my lib/tasks/sample_data.rake looks like. I run it with rake db:populate.

Creates 50 entries with random info.

require 'faker'

namespace :db do
  desc "Fill database with sample data"
  task :populate => :environment do
    50.times do |n|
      name  =
      year = 1900+rand(111)
      rating = 1+rand(10)
      watched = (1 == rand(2) ? true : false)
      imdb_id = rand(1000000)
      Movie.create!(:name => name,
                    :year => year,
                    :rating => rating,
                    :watched => watched,
                    :imdb_id => imdb_id)