Ruby-on-rails – Ruby on Rails – Import Data from a CSV file


I would like to import data from a CSV file into an existing database table. I do not want to save the CSV file, just take the data from it and put it into the existing table. I am using Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3.

This is my table:

create_table "mouldings", :force => true do |t|
  t.string   "suppliers_code"
  t.datetime "created_at"
  t.datetime "updated_at"
  t.string   "name"
  t.integer  "supplier_id"
  t.decimal  "length",         :precision => 3, :scale => 2
  t.decimal  "cost",           :precision => 4, :scale => 2
  t.integer  "width"
  t.integer  "depth"

Can you give me some code to show me the best way to do this, thanks.

Best Solution

require 'csv'    

csv_text ='...')
csv = CSV.parse(csv_text, :headers => true)
csv.each do |row|