Ruby-on-rails – Loop over Object attributes in Ruby on Rails


Is it possible to loop over an object's attributes in Rails? I have an object and rather than code up each attribute in the view, I want to output each of them in the view as there are quite a few.

I have an object called @work_profile which has many attributes, mainly boolean check box values.

Edit: I see I can use @work_profile.attributes. Any help on formatting the hash into something more user friendly would be great.

Best Solution

The ActiveRecord::Base.attributes() method returns a hash of all the attributes. You can use that to loop over all attributes.

@work_profile.attributes.each do |attr_name, attr_value|

In a view, this would give:

<% @work_profile.attributes.each do |attr_name, attr_value| %>
  <div class="work_profile_attribute">
    <%= attr_name %>: <%= attr_value %>
<% end %>