Samba shared drive won’t auto-authenticate at startup


I have a samba network share on a FreeBSD box that I use for development.

I have it set up as a shared drive on my WinXP box, and it works fine.

However, if I reboot the xp box, the shared drive will not be accessible until I click on it and enter the password, even though I have set it to use the correct username and password and to connect at startup.

Does anyone know offhand what might be the issue? I can get version data, etc. if necessary, but wanted to hang this out there briefly to see if it might be a common samba issue.



So Sorry! I thought I had said I have XP Pro. I actually have the auth stored in the mapped drive, where it says "authenticate using user." I also use the same username for the samba share as the xp login, though not the same pw.

Best Solution

Two options: set the login/password on the Samba share so it is the same as the username/password you use to login to Windows XP. Or can also set your XP Home to store the credentials manually:

MANUAL Keys are created in the following way:

  1. Start the Stored User Names and Passwords tool in Control Panel.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Type the appropriate information in the boxes:

    • Server: Use the hostname, FQDN, wildcards, and so forth.
    • User Name: Domain\Username; Machine\Username; UPN.
    • Password: Type the password.

As for "WinXP Home doesn't have the ability to store login credentials for network shares in the same way that XP Pro does." this is incorrect:

DYNAMIC keys are created in the following way:

  1. A user attempts to connect to \\server\share.
  2. The user's logon credentials are attempted. If these do not gain access, Stored User Names and Passwords prompts.
  3. Credentials are put in Stored User Names and Passwords after it successfully connects, or if Cancel is clicked on a returned error message.

For more information please see:

Behavior of stored user names and passwords - Article ID: 281660

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