Scala – How to get the element index when mapping an array in Scala


Let's consider a simple mapping example:

  val a = Array("One", "Two", "Three")
  val b = => myFn(s))

What I need is to use not myFn(s: String): String here, but myFn(s: String, n: Int): String, where n would be the index of s in a. In this particular case myFn would expect the second argument to be 0 for s == "One", 1 for s == "Two" and 2 for s == "Three". How can I achieve this?

Best Solution

Depends whether you want convenience or speed.

Slow:{ case (s,i) => myFn(s,i) }


for (i <- a.indices) yield myFn(a(i),i)

{ var i = -1;{ s => i += 1; myFn(s,i) } }

Possibly fastest:

Array.tabulate(a.length){ i => myFn(a(i),i) }

If not, this surely is:

val b = new Array[Whatever](a.length)
var i = 0
while (i < a.length) {
  b(i) = myFn(a(i),i)
  i += 1

(In Scala 2.10.1 with Java 1.6u37, if "possibly fastest" is declared to take 1x time for a trivial string operation (truncation of a long string to a few characters), then "slow" takes 2x longer, "faster" each take 1.3x longer, and "surely" takes only 0.5x the time.)