Scala – Why intellij import project from SBT failed


I use IntelliJ Idea 14 Ultimate.

I have a multimodule project with a project/Build.scala. Here is the layout of my project.

- myproject
- module 1
- module 2
- project
- Build.scala

I try to use the native SBT from scala plugin. I choose Import project from external model and then select SBT. Then I select the root folder of my project and click on Finish.

But the project is not well imported. Libraries are downloaded but all imports are in red in submodules (cannot resolve).

So I have to use sbt gen-idea, that works fine, but I would be very happy to get rid of it …

Best Solution

I had the same problem (IDEA 14 Ultimate). This solve that after import. File > Invalidate Caches / Restart... Shown here