Selenium – good IE-based Selenium IDE?


The SeleniumIDE project is based on Firefox (and its plugin architecture). My application (for a variety of reasons) only runs on Internet Explorer (6+). In fact, we actively check for non-IE browsers and do an immediate redirect.

This is a 6 yr old codebase and we're trying to remove all of the html idiosyncrasies that necessitate our IE dependence.

We've already got a robust and growing set of NUNIT tests for code. We would like to add Selenium to do Web functional testing. Is there a good IDE for building/recording Selenium tests using IE as the browser?

Best Solution

Selenium does not have an IDE for Internet Explorer (any version). I haven't seen any under development either. You can check their boards/site for updates but I their primary focus is FireFox for the IDE.

Selenium can run tests in Internet Explorer (including IE6) using the SeleniumRC. You can record tests with the IDE in FireFox (or write tests in whatever language they support) and then use SeleniumRC to launch IE and run the tests.

For Internet Explorer IDEs similar to what Selenium gives in FireFox, check out WatiN

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