Split shape defined by path into sub-paths


I am attempting to split a closed path to sub-paths, the image is of a tree and I want to be able to easily manipulate branches by dividing them from the path between two nodes and then recombining later.

I have tried "Break apart" and "Cut Path" but neither work predictably (annoyingly, it worked for one branch but can't get to to work for others!).

Ideally, I want to cut the path at the base of a branch by selecting the nodes on either side at the base of the branch so that I can rotate and translate that branch independently.

branch nodes

Best Solution

Try this:

  1. Select the two nodes at each side of the base of the branch (as shown in your image).
  2. Use the "Break path at selected nodes"-button. It's located in the upper toolbar visible when you press F2.
  3. Now you have two connected paths which you can separate using Path->"Break Apart".
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