Spring – How to use OAuth2RestTemplate


I'm trying to understand how to use a OAuth2RestTemplate object to consume my OAuth2 secured REST service (which is running under a different project and let's assume also on a different server etc…)

An example of my REST service is:


-> Accessing this URL generates an error as I am not authenticated

To request a token I would go to:


After I receive the token I can then connect to the REST API by using the following URL (example token inserted)


Now my question is how do I implement a second application which can consume this OAuth2 secured REST API? I really haven't found any working examples where you provide the user name and password (e.g. coming from a login form) and then a token is generated which can be re-used to get data from the REST API.

I currently tried something with the following objects:

BaseOAuth2ProtectedResourceDetails baseOAuth2ProtectedResourceDetails =  new BaseOAuth2ProtectedResourceDetails();
// how to set user name and password ???

DefaultAccessTokenRequest accessTokenRequest = new DefaultAccessTokenRequest();
OAuth2ClientContext oAuth2ClientContext = new DefaultOAuth2ClientContext(accessTokenRequest());

OAuth2RestTemplate restTemplate = new OAuth2RestTemplate(baseOAuth2ProtectedResourceDetails,oAuth2ClientContext);

But this just isn't working 🙁

Any ideas, links to working examples or tutorials are greatly appreciated.

Best Solution

You can find examples for writing OAuth clients here:

In your case you can't just use default or base classes for everything, you have a multiple classes Implementing OAuth2ProtectedResourceDetails. The configuration depends of how you configured your OAuth service but assuming from your curl connections I would recommend:

class MyConfig{

    private String baseUrl;
    private String authorizeUrl;
    private String tokenUrl;

    protected OAuth2ProtectedResourceDetails resource() {
        ResourceOwnerPasswordResourceDetails resource;
        resource = new ResourceOwnerPasswordResourceDetails();

        List scopes = new ArrayList<String>(2);
        return resource;

    public OAuth2RestOperations restTemplate() {
        AccessTokenRequest atr = new DefaultAccessTokenRequest();
        return new OAuth2RestTemplate(resource(), new DefaultOAuth2ClientContext(atr));

class MyService {

    private OAuth2RestOperations restTemplate;

    public MyService() {

Do not forget about @EnableOAuth2Client on your config class, also I would suggest to try that the urls you are using are working with curl first, also try to trace it with the debugger because lot of exceptions are just consumed and never printed out due security reasons, so it gets little hard to find where the issue is. You should use logger with debug enabled set. Good luck

I uploaded sample springboot app on github https://github.com/mariubog/oauth-client-sample to depict your situation because I could not find any samples for your scenario .

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