Linux – Are there any good PostgreSQL clients for linux?


I am frustrated of not having a good Linux GUI administration and development tool for PostgreSQL.

pgAdmin III is buggy and unusable piece of… hmm, software, compared to Windows-only PostgreSQL Maestro and EMS PostgreSQL manager.

phpPgaAmin does not looks promising.

EMS PostgreSQL manager can work under Wine, but such setup have a number of issues.

Requirements are:

  1. Table data editing and browsing for large tables (1M+), able to jump by FK or some master-slave editing, GUI filtering and so on.
  2. ER diagrams with in-place schema editing
  3. Schema editing and browsing with all useful GUI support
  4. Schema changes log to put into DB versioning (migrations script).
  5. Tabbed interface to be able to work with a number of tables and SQL queries at once.

And so on.

Any ideas?

Best Solution

Have you tried Squirrel SQL?