SQL Count for each date


I have the following need

I have a logging table which logs som leads generated each day.

Now I need to pull a report over the amount of leads for each day over the last 10 days.

Lets say the table looks like this:

id int,
first_name nvarchar(100),
last_name nvarchar(100),
created_date datetime

And I need to count the number of leads for each day, 10 days total.
SO the result set should look something like this:

counted_leads | count_date
5             | 2009-04-30
7             | 2009-04-29
5             | 2009-04-28
7             | 2009-04-27

… and so on

Anyone know how to do this the best possible way?
My current solution is iterating with a foreach in c# but I would very much like to hand it on the sql server instead in a sp.

Best Solution

You can use:

     count(created_date) as counted_leads,
     created_date as count_date
group by