Oracle – Does SQLDeveloper support executing scripts


I was trying to follow some instructions today, and it starts with the comment

REM  In SQLPlus I manually copy in each line and execute it.

That's nice, I don't have SQLPlus, I have SQLDeveloper. The lines that were pasted in were of the type:



It didn't like it when I tried that in a SQL window. I opened up and pasted in the commands by hand, and it wasn't happy with that either. (Did I mention that I'm not so good with this application nor Oracle, but that everyone else was out today?) The files there started with code like:

set echo on
execute procedure_name ('parameter1', 'parameter2');

A co-worker did have SQLPlus, and together we got it resolved. But, is there a way for me to do this with SQLDeveloper, so I'm not stuck if he's out too?

Best Solution

To run scripts in SQL Developer:


(You only need the quotes if there are any spaces)

You can set a default Path: Tools menu > Preferences > Database > Worksheet > Select default path to look for scripts

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