Sql – Good table editor for MS SQL Server?


I have MS SQL Management Studio for editing table data, and it is doesn't have a good usability. I need to edit some hundred rows like in Excel, being able to order columns to easy editing process (SQL Mgmt only has 'Open table' feature, without ordering columns, updates diferent than that is only possible using UPDATE SQL code).

LinqPad is wonderful, but only for queries. I would like to edit table results.

I installed Acqua Studio and it has everything, but trial expired. Do you know any software free alternatives which can do that?

EDIT: I really need to alter and input data, of course I can do it by SQL code, but it is not fast when you have to update manually tons of rows. I need an editable ordered grid. I'll try MSManager Lite.


Best Solution

I have this tool permanently on a USB stick - really, really good for a free "lite" edition (a pro version is available too)


It is a single monolithic exe, so great for portability.