Sql-server – How to alter SQL in “Edit Top 200 Rows” in SSMS 2008


In SQL Server 2008 Management Studio, when I right click on a database table and choose "Select Top 100 Rows", I can then e.g. easily add a "ORDER BY " statement to the SQL. That works fine.

But when I do choose "Edit Top 200 Rows", I don't have the ability to alter the SQL (which makes it hard to find and edit a record just added in the 10,000 that are there.

I am quite sure I was able to do this in SQL Server 2000.

Is there any way in SMSS 2008 to alter the way the records are displayed when editing records?

Best Solution

If you right click on any result of "Edit Top 200 Rows" query in SSMS you will see the option "Pane -> SQL". It then shows the SQL Query that was run, which you can edit as you wish.

In SMSS 2012 and 2008, you can use Ctrl+3 to quickly get there.