Sql-server – How to call a Stored Procedure in SSIS


I am trying to create an SSIS package that queries data from a table, and calls a stored procedure in another database with each row.

In my old DTS package, I was doing this:

EXEC myStoredProcedure ?, ?, ?

…and then I mapped the parameters. However, in SSIS, I can't figure out how to make this work.

I have a Data Flow task, which first runs a query for the data. It passes the data to an OLE DB Destination. I set the Data access mode to "SQL command", but when I try to put in the SQL above, I get "Invalid Parameter Count" when it parses the SQL. I can't get to the Mappings screen. Any ideas?

Best Solution

In the Data Flow, the OLE DB Command can be used to execute a SQL statement for each row in a dataflow - (MSDN documentation)

Alternatively, you can store the source result set in a variable of data type object and use a Foreach Loop container in the Control Flow (example here).