Sql – how to convert integer minutes to interval in postgres


I'm trying to convert minutes which are in integer to interval in postgres

Is their any function that will help me to convert it to interval or should i have divide it by 60 and get the final result

20 minutes will be like 00:20:00 as result 

Best Solution

Fastest way is with make_interval

make_interval(years int DEFAULT 0, months int DEFAULT 0, weeks int DEFAULT 0, days int DEFAULT 0, hours int DEFAULT 0, mins int DEFAULT 0, secs double precision DEFAULT 0.0)

So it looks like this (as suggested by @Teddy)

SELECT make_interval(mins => 20);


SELECT make_interval(0,0,0,0,0,20);

Not to say that's the cleanest, if speed isn't an issue I prefer the * method @a_horse_with_no_name mentioned

SELECT 20 * '1 minute'::interval;