Mongodb – How to find a substring in a field in Mongodb


How can I find all the objects in a database with where a field of a object contains a substring?

If the field is A in an object of a collection with a string value:

I want to find all the objects in the db "database" where A contains a substring say "abc def".

I tried:

db.database.find({A: {$regex: '/^*(abc def)*$/''}})

but didn't work


A real string (in unicode):

Sujet  Commentaire sur  Star Wars  Episode III - La Revanche des Sith 1

Need to search for all entries with Star Wars

db.test.find({A: {$regex: '^*(star wars)*$''}}) not wokring

Best Solution

Instead of this:

db.database.find({A: {$regex: '/^*(abc def)*$/''}})

You should do this:

db.database.find({A: /abc def/i })

^* is not actually valid syntax as ^ and $ are anchors and not something that is repeatable. You probably meant ^.* here. But there is no need for ^.* as that simply means "Everything up to the character following" and (abc def)* means "0 or more times "abc def", but it has to be at the end of the string, because of your $. The "i" at the end is to make it case insensitive.