Sql-server – How to find slowest queries


Using Sql Server 2005 Profiler, what events, columns, and filters do you trace to find your slowest queries and stored procedures?

Slow = greater than N seconds, 10 for sake of argument.

Best Solution

In SQL 2005 you can use management views to find slow running queries. A good script i found a while ago on SQL server performance will help get you started; it lists data with the slowest performing first.

SELECT  creation_time 
        , execution_count
        , total_worker_time
        , total_elapsed_time
        , total_elapsed_time / execution_count avg_elapsed_time
        ,SUBSTRING(st.text, (qs.statement_start_offset/2) + 1,
         ((CASE statement_end_offset
          WHEN -1 THEN DATALENGTH(st.text)
          ELSE qs.statement_end_offset END
            - qs.statement_start_offset)/2) + 1) AS statement_text
FROM sys.dm_exec_query_stats AS qs
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(qs.sql_handle) st
ORDER BY total_elapsed_time / execution_count DESC;