Sqlite – How to get the list of a columns in a table for a SQLite database


I am looking to retrieve a list of columns in a table. The database is the latest release of SQLite (3.6, I believe). I am looking for code that does this with a SQL query. Extra bonus points for metadata related to the columns (e.g. length, data type, etc…)

Best Solution

What you're looking for is called the data dictionary. In sqlite a list of all tables can be found by querying sqlite_master table (or view?)

sqlite> create table people (first_name varchar, last_name varchar, email_address varchar);
sqlite> select * from sqlite_master;
table|people|people|2|CREATE TABLE people (first_name varchar, last_name varchar, email_address varchar)

To get column information you can use the pragma table_info(table_name) statement:

sqlite> pragma table_info(people);

For more information on the pragma statements, see the documentation.