Sql – How to list all foreign keys referencing a given table in SQL Server


I need to remove a highly referenced table in a SQL Server database. How can I get a list of all the foreign key constraints I will need to remove in order to drop the table?

(SQL answers preferable over clicking about in the GUI of the management studio.)

Best Solution

Not sure why no one suggested but I use sp_fkeys to query foreign keys for a given table:

EXEC sp_fkeys 'TableName'

You can also specify the schema:

EXEC sp_fkeys @pktable_name = 'TableName', @pktable_owner = 'dbo'

Without specifying the schema, the docs state the following:

If pktable_owner is not specified, the default table visibility rules of the underlying DBMS apply.

In SQL Server, if the current user owns a table with the specified name, that table's columns are returned. If pktable_owner is not specified and the current user does not own a table with the specified pktable_name, the procedure looks for a table with the specified pktable_name owned by the database owner. If one exists, that table's columns are returned.