Sql – How to use count and group by at the same select statement


I have an sql select query that has a group by.
I want to count all the records after the group by statement.
Is there a way for this directly from sql?
For example, having a table with users I want to select the different towns and the total number of users

select town, count(*) from user
group by town

I want to have a column with all the towns and another with the number of users in all rows.

An example of the result for having 3 towns and 58 users in total is :

Town         Count
Copenhagen   58
NewYork      58
Athens       58

Best Solution

This will do what you want (list of towns, with the number of users in each):

select town, count(town) 
from user
group by town

You can use most aggregate functions when using GROUP BY.

Update (following change to question and comments)

You can declare a variable for the number of users and set it to the number of users then select with that.

SET @numOfUsers = SELECT COUNT(*) FROM user

SELECT DISTINCT town, @numOfUsers
FROM user