Sql – How to use select with date condition


In sqlserver, how do I compare dates?
For example:

Select * from Users where RegistrationDate >= '1/20/2009'

(RegistrationDate is datetime type)


Best Solution

If you put in

SELECT * FROM Users WHERE RegistrationDate >= '1/20/2009' 

it will automatically convert the string '1/20/2009' into the DateTime format for a date of 1/20/2009 00:00:00. So by using >= you should get every user whose registration date is 1/20/2009 or more recent.

Edit: I put this in the comment section but I should probably link it here as well. This is an article detailing some more in depth ways of working with DateTime's in you queries: http://www.databasejournal.com/features/mssql/article.php/2209321/Working-with-SQL-Server-DateTime-Variables-Part-Three---Searching-for-Particular-Date-Values-and-Ranges.htm