Sql-server – Make SQL Server faster at manipulating data – turn off transaction logging


I use SQL Server 2005 as a data store for a lot of data I do analytic work on. This is not a transactional database as I am not hitting it with updates or capturing real time data. I get a few gigs of data from my clients, load them into SQL Server and do a series of manipulations. I then grab bits of this data and pull them into R where I do most of my analysis. I then push a little data into tables in SQL Server and maybe do a join or two.

I have a heck of a time with the logs in SQL Server getting big and I assume it takes some degree of overhead to create these. How can I configure SQL Server so that it runs with little or no logging? If things get corrupt I am happy to just start from the beginning. Any ideas how to make this all faster?

BTW, no need to tell me how to shrink logs, I'm already doing that. But I wish I didn't have to make the logs in the first place. I'm only using the DB to house the data because its too big to fit into memory in R.

Should I be using a more simple DB than Sql Server? Feel free to tell me I am killing an ant with a sledgehammer. But please recommend a more appropriate sized hammer. 🙂

Best Solution

How can I configure SQL Server so that it runs with little or no logging? I

I don't believe you can.

However if you configure the database (each database on a server can be different) for simple backups the log file won't grow until you back it up. This is done by setting the recovery mode to "simple".

With simple backups the log is only used to hold the state of transactions until they are fully written into the main database.