SQL MAX of multiple columns


How do you return 1 value per row of the max of several columns:


[Number, Date1, Date2, Date3, Cost]

I need to return something like this:

[Number, Most_Recent_Date, Cost]


Best Solution

Here is another nice solution for the Max functionality using T-SQL and SQL Server

SELECT [Other Fields],
  (SELECT Max(v) 
   FROM (VALUES (date1), (date2), (date3),...) AS value(v)) as [MaxDate]
FROM [YourTableName]

Values is the Table Value Constructor.

"Specifies a set of row value expressions to be constructed into a table. The Transact-SQL table value constructor allows multiple rows of data to be specified in a single DML statement. The table value constructor can be specified either as the VALUES clause of an INSERT ... VALUES statement, or as a derived table in either the USING clause of the MERGE statement or the FROM clause."