SQL Reporting Services Boolean Parameter (True/False/All(?))


I have a SSRS report that works with boolean parameter. I would like to add a third option to show all the records on the report. Both true and false. The concept is that the dropdown will include three options (All,True,False).

Is there a way to acheive that?



Best Solution

Set the dataset filter to something like this:

I have 3 available values for @parmTRUEFALSE

False = False
True = True
All Records = (Null)

=IIF(IsNothing(Parameters!parmTRUEFALSE.Value), ObjectFieldName.Value, Parameters!parmTRUEFALSE.Value)

If the user selects All Records... the filter uses ObjectFieldName.Value and returns all records because @parmTRUEFALSE = (Null) / IsNothing

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