Sql-server – Select permission denied for user who is db_owner in SQL Server


Using SQL Server 2008.
I created a new database, created a new user and mapped the user to the same login name.
Gave the user all the roles available including db_owner.

The user created a new table but when the user tried to select from the table, an error "The SELECT permission was denied on the object …." showed up.

Why doesn't the user have select permission if the user is member of the db_owner and db_datareader roles?

I recall this used to work before.

Best Solution

MOst likely the user isn't actually the DBO. Check the table name is [dbo].[tablename] and that the user actually is the dbo.

Actually - More information about the error would be nice. Cause you usually have select access to tables you have created.

Are there any deny permissions set?