SQL SERVER 2005 Connectivity Problems


I am having a hell of a time trying to connect to the SQL SERVER 2005 database. I am using Windows 7.

Here is the screenshot of the error thrown:

alt text
(source: highoncoding.com)

I have been battling this issue for the past week and still no progress.

I have tried the following in the server name:


none of them worked!

I just checked in the services section and SQLSERVER EXPRESS is not even there. I am using the following post as a reference:


Best Solution

This instance of SQL Server is running on the same PC you're connecting from? That's the implication of 'local'.

Possibilities :

1) Try (local) instead of local for the server name

2) Try 'MSSQLSERVER' as the name

3) Check the SQL Server Configuration Manager shows the same configuration options you're attempting to connect with, eg the same instance name, Named Pipes enabled, services running ok, etc.


Ok, what are you using to connect with? SQL Server Management Studio Express? Are you sure you installed an instance? The lack of SQLExpress in the services list would seem to indicate otherwise.