SQL Server 2005 Pivot on Unknown Number of Columns


I am working with a set of data that looks something like the following.

StudentName  | AssignmentName |  Grade
StudentA     | Assignment 1   | 100
StudentA     | Assignment 2   | 80
StudentA     | Total          | 180
StudentB     | Assignment 1   | 100
StudentB     | Assignment 2   | 80
StudentB     | Assignment 3   | 100
StudentB     | Total          | 280

The name and number of assignments are dynamic, I need to get results simlilar to the following.

Student      | Assignment 1  | Assignment 2  | Assignment 3  | Total
Student A    | 100           | 80            | null          | 180
Student B    | 100           | 80            | 100           | 280

Now ideally I would like to sort the column based on a "due date" that could be included/associated with each assignment. The total should be at the end if possible (It can be calculated and removed from the query if possible.)

I know how to do it for the 3 assignments using pivot with simply naming the columns, it is trying to do it in a dynamic fashion that I haven't found a GOOD solution for yet. I am trying to do this on SQL Server 2005


Ideally I would like to implement this WITHOUT using Dynamic SQL, as that is against the policy. If it isn't possible…then a working example with Dynamic SQL will work.

Best Solution

I know you said no dynamic SQL, but I don't see any way to do it in straight SQL.

If you check out my answers to similar problems at Pivot Table and Concatenate Columns and PIVOT in sql 2005

The dynamic SQL there is not vulnerable to injection, and there is no good reason to prohibit it. Another possibility (if the data is changing very infrequently) is to do code-generation - instead of dynamic SQL, the SQL is generated to a stored procedure on a regular basis.