SQL server identity column values start at 0 instead of 1


I've got a strange situation with some tables in my database starting its IDs from 0, even though TABLE CREATE has IDENTITY(1,1).
This is so for some tables, but not for others.
It has worked until today.

I've tried resetting identity column:

DBCC CHECKIDENT (SyncSession, reseed, 0);

But new records start with 0.
I have tried doing this for all tables, but some still start from 0 and some from 1.

Any pointers?

(i'm using SQL Server Express 2005 with Advanced Services)

Best Solution


DBCC CHECKIDENT ( table_name, RESEED, new_reseed_value )

If no rows have been inserted to the table since it was created, or all rows have been removed by using the TRUNCATE TABLE statement, the first row inserted after you run DBCC CHECKIDENT uses new_reseed_value as the identity. Otherwise, the next row inserted uses new_reseed_value + the current increment value.

So, this is expected for an empty or truncated table.