Sql-server – INSERT values in VARBINARY(MAX) column


I have a table with a VARBINARY(MAX) column and I've tried inserting values into this table but I can't.

The QUERY is:

INSERT INTO [I_RACEDB].[dbo].[tce_lineno]([lineNo] ,[testCaseName] ,[project])
 VALUES (<lineNo, varchar(250),> ,<testCaseName, varbinary(max),>,<project, varchar(100),>)

INSERT INTO [I_RACEDB].[dbo].[tce_lineno] ([lineNo],[testCaseName],[project])
     VALUES ('44','TestCase_TestCheck01_Mail_Validation','proj001')

The ERROR is:

Implicit conversion from data type varchar to varbinary(max) is not
allowed. Use the CONVERT function to run this query.

How can I insert values?

Best Solution

The error is self explaining.

Use convert(VARBINARY(max), 'TestCase_TestCheck01_Mail_Validation')


INSERT INTO [I_RACEDB].[dbo].[tce_lineno] ([lineNo],[testCaseName],[project])
VALUES ('44',convert(VARBINARY(max), 'TestCase_TestCheck01_Mail_Validation'),'proj001')